Wedding videography always seemed so old, dusty, cliche…boring. When my mom would pull out her old VHS copy and turn it on, nostalgia would kick in and I would almost immediately begin to tire-out. I’d say - ‘Who’s filming this anyway? Is that Uncle Reuben passed out in the corner?’ It wasn’t until 10 years later, when I found myself behind a video camera capturing some of the worlds most famous musicians, that I fell in love with the art of cinema. There’s something extremely special, personal, and intimate about film especially when it comes to weddings and events.


Today, the art of wedding film is a very different scene altogether. Amongst the hustle and bustle of an already jam packed day, we have to find moments that captivate your soul for the rest of your life. In fact our main goal is for you to say, ‘Wow this wedding video is better than the real thing…and I was there!’ The reality is that your wedding only comes once, and the things that are said, and moments that are shared will be gone in an instant. And in all honesty, if you didn’t get it on film, it didn’t really happen!


Here at Weddings by Sunnyside we offer wedding videography to the entire bay area of California, and will travel to any destination in the world. The majority of our clientele is based as far south as San Francisco County and as far north as Mendocino County. The Bay Area brings together an incredible array of different couples. We’ve captured a full genre of weddings - outdoor, indoor, gay, themed, and even the weird stuff! We’ve been in forests and on beaches, in the rain, and under the scorching sun. There is no place we won’t go to tell your love story. 


So what are some of the most important things to know about wedding films? Let’s talk about storytelling. There are 3 (three) key elements to any film. Audio, Composition (Shots), and the story. The audio from your day will consist of two main parts. The ceremony and the reception. During these parts of your day we capture vows and the officiant’s poems or readings. Then during the reception we will record the toasts, thank you’s (all the appreciation), and special performances. These moments come alive with proper audio capture. The voices, emotions, and stories that your family shares will be recorded forever. These are those real tear-jerker moments.


Now composition, what the heck is composition? Well in wedding videography this means one thing. Cinematic. This is what you hire a videographer for. To capture beautiful shots of your venue, decor, family, groomsmen, bridesmaids, husband or wife. From the getting ready, to the moment you drive away to your honeymoon, our goal is to create film that gives you chills. Moments that take your breath away with gigantic landscape shots from up above in the sky, to tears of a mother listening to her daughter’s vows. Film composition is everything you see when you watch your wedding video.


Lastly, your story. What does it mean to create a story of your wedding day? It means finding the best moments, the most emotional words from family, the most incredible shots, and piecing them together in a fashion that allows you to relive your wedding day, bringing back all the same emotions you had. When we do all three of these things really well, it results in an amazing story. If you’ve never considered wedding videography for your big day, we hope you are now reconsidering it. Contact us for all your wedding videography bay area needs today. We would love to tell your love story!


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