Why Is Everyone Eloping?

It's about this time of year when you start to realize that everyone is getting married. It's just like when you become pregnant and then out of nowhere all you see is pregnant women everywhere. Life is weird that way.

Weddings are always going to happen, but have you started to notice that elopements have become really popular over the last couple of years? And these aren't your parent's elopements...these are well thought out destination ceremonies held in the most gorgeous locations across the globe. Rather than forking out a large payment on a venue to host 100+ people for a day, couples are utilizing their money in other ways - to get married in some epic locations and travel the world.

Bodega Bay Elopement - Small winter wedding

Elopements used to mean running off together and getting married in secret. At no point did couples ever "plan" how they were going to elope - they simply did it. Nowadays, they're planning their elopements months, sometimes years in advance. They're taking the time to think about where they want to pour their hearts out and bind their lives together forever and they're carefully choosing a wedding photographer (and sometimes videographer) to capture the most incredible day of their lives.

Some people have a hard time calling these types of ceremonies elopements because of the time couples are taking to carefully arrange the details. Some couples are even finding the photographer of their dreams and asking them where they'd want to photograph their day (I mean did you see the viral Mt. Everest wedding the other week? It's INSANE). A lot of couples know that at the end of the day, they really don't want to deal with the stress of their families and expectations and instead, want to capture their day together, in a place special or new to them. 

Bodega Bay Elopement - Small winter wedding

In the midst of planning my own wedding over 7 years ago, both my husband and I doubted that we were making the right decision to host a wedding with our families. At over 100 guests, we were overwhelmed with details and logistics. We asked ourselves several times if we should just call it off and get married somewhere else with just our close family in tow. At the end of the day, continuing with our wedding plans was the best decision for us and we wouldn't trade our day for the world. It was perfect. However, it does beg the question: what's right for you? 

Everyone has their own familial obligations and expectations, but what is most important to you and your significant other? My only piece of advice to newly engaged couples is to follow their hearts. Don't let family sway you in doing what you REALLY want to do. It's only one day and you deserve to have it be exactly what you want.

Bodega Bay Elopement - Small winter wedding

- Melissa

Intimate Bodega Bay Elopement | Sarah + Scott

Sarah and Scott contacted me a week before their St. Patrick's Day wedding. They were on the hunt for a photographer for their small wedding, but hadn't found a photographer they loved. March 17th was their 13th anniversary together. Sarah, a firefighter, and Scott, and policeman, had met through work. They had both been married previously so they weren't looking for anything crazy in terms of their wedding day. They simply wanted to be at the coast, with their closest family and friends. Sarah and Scott had picked a spot on a bluff overlooking Bodega Head. They got ready in the town of Bodega Bay at a house they rented for themselves and their friends. It was perfect. We spent the afternoon hanging at the house while everyone got ready. We then drove the 10 minute drive to Bodega Head and took at 10 minute trail walk out to the bluffs. The weather was incredible and the waves serenaded us all as Sarah and Scott said their vows to one another and finished the ceremony with a Celtic Hand Fasting. We couldn't have imagined a more amazing afternoon on the coast.