Santa Rosa Wedding | Cassi + Kirk

Cassi and Kirk said "I do" beneath two mammoth oak trees in the front field of her father's house. On July 3rd, they gathered with family and friends to commit their lives to each other and join their families as one. While they had known each other for awhile, it wasn't until last November that they finally noticed one another. Kirk knew Cassi was going to be the one and within a handful of months they were engaged to be married. It may have been a whirlwind of an engagement, but these two were made for one another. Each with a son of their own from previous relationships, they quickly became a family of four; rooted in love with happiness overflowing from their hearts. 

A little backstory on this day for those of you who don't know: Kirk's son, Harper, broke his arm in the jump house during Kirk and Cassi's first dance. He took him to the hospital and Cassi stayed around a while to hang with their guests. When it came time for the bouquet and garter toss, Cassi didn't think the latter would happen, but I threw out an awesome idea for her - why not have your amazing sister do the garter toss? No sense in losing out on a great photo op ;) Thankfully, they were both totally on board and it made for a really hilarious moment for everyone. Hooray for clients that'll do anything you ask!