Let's Talk About Bouquets! - /bōˈkā/

The wedding bouquet has been a concept used in weddings for centuries and possibly even millennia. It’s a tradition that has traveled its way through almost every culture in Europe and Asia while forming new roots in the Americas.

Originally, a bouquet was carried during a wedding to ward off evil spirits. Brides and bridesmaids would collect flowers and create bouquets and headbands to bring good luck on the wedding day. One tradition followed for decades was to carry sage for wisdom or dill for lust so that a bride may have the patience to grow her marriage and the lust for her husband forever. Did it work? Who knows! But have you ever considered adding herbs or other plant life to your bouquet? How cool does that sound!

These days, a bouquet can mean many things to brides and grooms. Certain flowers may bring you a memory of a loved one, or a nostalgic scent from earlier years. Whatever it may be, your bouquet should be special to you. Wether you want simple, extravagant, large or small, your bouquet will be a centerpiece of your day. You'll carry it through the ceremony and into the evening before tossing it through the air to a future bride! (If the bouquet toss is your thing.)

Now this isn’t to say that a bouquet always has to be flowers, and trust us we’ve seen lots of stuff! From ferns to lanterns, there really are no rules for creating your dream bouquet. When it comes to developing your arrangement, remember it’s yours - rock it, flaunt it, and let it be a symbol of you and your awesome new partnership! To get you started though, here’s some awesome bridal bouquets we had the pleasure of capturing in 2016!