The Top 3 Reasons Why First Looks Rock

When it comes to first looks where do you stand? Do you love them or hate them?

As photographers and videographers we're huge fans of first looks. They can be simple, genuine, and intimate. They can also be emotional, exciting, and intense. We love first looks not only for the emotional connection we get to capture between our couples, but for many other reasons as well. Here are our top 3 reasons for why we suggest a first look to our couples:

It calms the nerves! 

There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than the anticipation of seeing your person at the other end of the aisle. A first look helps relax nervous brides and grooms and allows them a few moments alone before the official events begin and the whirlwind of the day sweeps them up into a frenzy.

It gives you time to absorb. 

There is so much limited time on a wedding day to actually ENJOY each other. To acknowledge how amazing your person looks and how excited you are to be getting married. Taking a few moments alone with each other gives you time to take it all in, something the rest of your wedding day may not really allow.

It takes pressure off the timeline.

Seeing each other before the ceremony means we have ample time to do family and bridal party portraits (or at least most of them) before the ceremony. Being able to send your family and friends off to the cocktail hour right after your ceremony is a big hit for everyone (us included!). This means we get more time for portraits with you two and actually gives you time to enjoy your cocktail hour as well!

Check out the First Looks of 2016 in the video below:


For many couples, a first look is a memorable and emotional moment, but for others, waiting until the walk down the aisle has always been a dream. There is nothing wrong with waiting to see your beloved until you take those long awaited steps, we just feel that there's something to be said about breaking with tradition and doing something different. It's your day!