We're Featured on SF Bay Area For Sale!

The "San Francisco Bay Area For Sale" group has done a feature on our business and we'd love to share it with you! It was a pleasure showcasing our services to these guys so that they could share all the awesome things we have to offer to the wedding industry. New brides and grooms on the hunt for wedding vendors - come chat with us!

Check out the feature here!

Weddings 'N Shit | Episode 1 | The Perfect Timeline

You guys - we have officially started our own video blog (vlog)! It's called "Weddings 'n Shit" - and it's our opportunity to spread useful advice, funny stories, and cool trends happening in the wedding industry. As far as we see it, we're no experts...but we hope our unfiltered view of the ins and outs of weddings will help make your journey to marriage as smooth as those honeymoon sheets. Honestly, getting married can sometimes be a shit show. There are so many tiny details and big projects that need attention - so we hope to shine light on some of these, and help you make the most of your wedding experience!

In todays episode we are breaking down "The Perfect Timeline". Now your timeline will control the flow of your wedding day, so it is super super important. Like...your photographer will not enjoy you without one. A well thought out timeline is an integral part to creating a wonderful wedding atmosphere. Not only does it empower your vendors to be on time, it helps keep the flow of your day moving so your guests don't get bored or wonder, "What's next?" So in this episode we will be breaking down the ideal timeline for a wedding day. Of course these are just recommendations - and this timeline is just one of many out there. But in our experience this is the timeline that most weddings will run on.

After viewing the episode, scroll to the bottom of this page to receive a free digital version of our timeline. Just enter your name and email. This can be a great starting place for planning your big day! So dive into the episode, and check out how fucking awkward we are on camera!!



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