Wedding photography did not come easy to me. The very first wedding I photographed alongside another photographer left me feeling as though I’d been run over by a bus for 3 days. I left feeling battered and bruised - and not just physically, but my ego as well. I’d had a camera in my hand since I was a young girl. I had always been drawn to the art of capturing people and fleeting moments. It wasn’t until an old high school friend of mine asked me to photograph her and her fiancé for their engagement photos and ultimately their wedding that I really fell in love with photographing the love stories of couple’s one their wedding days.


Today, the act of photographing people isn’t just with the click of the button. It’s a full-on orchestrated, well thought out plan of attack on the most important day of our couple’s lives. Here at Weddings by Sunnyside we offer wedding photography to the entire Bay Area of California, and will travel to any destination in the world. The majority of our clientele is based as far south as San Francisco County and as far north as Mendocino County. The Bay Area brings together an incredible array of different couples. We’ve captured a full genre of weddings from outdoor, indoor, gay, themed, and even the weird stuff! We’ve been in forests and on beaches, in the rain, and under the scorching sun. As Bay Area Wedding Photographers we aim to capture all those incredible moments. There is no place we won’t go to tell your love story. 


What are the most important aspects of choosing the right wedding photographer? First, let’s talk about the experience. As wedding photographers, we embrace our client’s wedding days as our own. We approach each and every wedding (big or small) as though it’s us getting married. We walk our couples through developing and fine tuning their timelines, we scout the best locations for their portraits, and we care, immensely, about their experience. Not just on the day of, but every day and every interaction leading up to the wedding day. Instead of getting a photographer that just shows up and takes some pictures, our clients get well-rounded involvement from the get-go.


Secondly, there’s style. When it comes to wedding photography, the world is boundless in different styles and aesthetics. With Weddings by Sunnyside, we see weddings as they really are. We like to take a hands-off or fly-on-the-wall approach to our client’s wedding days, while also being aware of when and where we need to jump in and take control. Our style is documentary, real, emotional, romantic, and natural. We don’t like to pose, but we offer gentle guidance when it comes to bringing out the best moments and emotions of people. We feel this is what really sets us apart. We focus not only on the big picture of the day, but also on those small, insignificant moments that disappear with a blink of an eye.


Lastly, let’s talk about storytelling. This for us is the meat of your wedding day. Looking back on how your day unfolds from beginning to end is highlighted even more so upon the delivery of your gallery or custom photo album. We’re there with you from the moment you start applying your makeup to the last kiss under the stars before you jet off with the love of your life. We capture everything we can for as long as you have us there. If you’re interested in knowing more about how awesome it is to work with us, please contact us for all your wedding photography needs in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We would love to tell your love story!

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